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The advertising system be designed to realize value-added business.

This system follows the DVB standards, and transmits the advertisement data to the set-top box through broadcasting.

Realize advertising business and help operators to develop new sources of income.

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1. Without Hardware: Pure software. No need to add hardware equipment, no extra cost.

2. Open Interface:Can support all set-top boxes. No additional license fee.

3. Free Trial: Free trial first, satisfied and then paid.

4. Simple,Easy,Complete,Efficient: 

This is a complete and efficient system, and it's very simple and easy to use. 

The image can be static(as:jpg) or dynamic(as:gif).

The advertising content can be updated, replaced or closed by operators in real time.


1. Screen: We can fit the ads in the whole screen.

After power on, when the STB is booting,first is the logo image, and then the ads image.

The display time of the advertising image is definable.

The screen ads will be compulsived viewing, this has a great commercial value.

detail (5)

Logo- 3sec

detail (1)

Screen Ads 1- 15sec or 20sec or…

detail (2)

Screen Ads 2- 15sec or 20sec or…

2. Menu: We can fit the ads in the menu.

When the menu is opened, the ads will be displayed, support single or multiple images.

detail (3)

Menu ADs

3. Banner: We can make the ads as a banner with a short text.

When we switch channels, the banner ads will be displayed on the right side of the EPG message bar and a short text will be displayed under the banner.

We can configure one banner ads in one channel or in multiple channels.

detail (4)

Banner Ads 1

detail (1)

Banner Ads 2

4. Corner:We can locate the ads in the corner.

When we watch the channel, the ads will be displayed in the designated position of the screen. Customizable: broadcast channel, image size, image location.

We can also configure one image in one channel or one image in multiple channels.

detail (3)

Corner Ads 1

detail (2)

Corner Ads 2

5. Text: We can make the ads into a text form.

The text ads can be customized: broadcast channel, broadcast duration, broadcast mode (scrolling, pop-up), broadcast location(top,bottom,middle), font(size,color,backcolor) etc.

detail (4)

Text Ads 1 Top Scrolling

detail (5)

Text Ads 2 Bottom Scrolling

detail (4)

Text Ads 3 Middle Scrolling


Text Ads 4 Pop-up


1.Catalog Parameters: Config as needed, usually only once.

detail (1)

2. Set Channels: The service id is the primary key.

The channels can be added by item or in batches.

detail (2)
detail (3)

3. Set Screen ADs


4. Set Menu ADs


5. Set Banner ADs


6. Set Corner ADs


7. Set Text ADs


8. Save ADs and get the TS file “Advertising.ts”.


Welcome to the free trial!

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