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Our DVB-T2 HD STB is designed accordingly to DVB-T2 International Standard and technical standard by China Broadcasting Association. 3C, ISO and Energy Efficiency certification is approved.

• DVB-T2 standard, support digital video and audio broadcasting and subtitlementand other functions, such as digital video, audio broadcasting, EPG, boot screen, subtitle picture advertising, etc.

• Montage M88CS80001+M88DM6000+M88TC6800、M88CS80001+DTBM8880+Si241 main chip design.CAS is intergrated.

• The main chip USES a high-performance dual MIPS CPU with 1Gb DDR and 8MB Flash capacity.

• Support left, right, stereo, mixed output, with channel remote switch function, default output is left channel.

• The loader of the set-top box can meet relevant standards and run stably. The software including CA can be replaced and upgraded via USB or online OTA.

• Support automatic and manual full frequency search, support single frequency search. The program can be classified according todifferent arrangement. Users can edit the program according to their preferences

• Support screen notifications, subtitles, email and other functions;Support for parental grading control and program locking.

• The remote control supports learning function, the linear distance of remote control can reach 15 meters, and the TV power and volume can be controlled by the remote control of the set-top box.

• The set-top box is equipped with 12V/DC external power adapter for easy maintenance and use


1. STB Appearance

detail (1)
detail (2)
detail (3)

2. STB Size: 165*120*30MM

Main Parameters

1. RF Input Port

Technical Demand Parameters
RF input Frequency 110-862MHz
Input Resistance 75Ω
Min Input Level ≤34dBuV(64QAM)
Max Input Level ≥85dBuV
Channel Bandwidth 8MHz
C/N Value ≤28dB(64QAM,6.952Mbaud)
MER Value ≤26dB
Frequency Range ±150kHz
Reflection Loss ≥8dB(tested onthe currently tuned channel of the RF tuner)
Demodulation Auto 16,32,64,256  QAM(basic requirement)
Symbol Rate 3.6-6.952Mbaud(64QAM)

2. Multi-Video Output Port

Technical Demand Parameters
Video Output Range 700±30mV(p-p)
Video Synchronization Amplitude 300±20mV(p-p)
Amplitude-Frequency Characteristics ±0.8 dB(≤4.8MHz);±1 dB(4.8-5MHz);+0.5/-4 dB(≥5.5MHz)
Differential Gain ≤8% p-p
Differential Phase ≤ 8 p-p
 RF Signal-to-Clutter Ratio (weighted weight) ≥56dB
Luminance nonlinearity ±8%
 Chroma/Brightness Gain Difference ±5%
 Chroma/Brightness Gain Difference ≤50ns
K Coefficient ≤4%
Interface Module 2×RCA,HDMI1.4 with HDCP 1.3
TV System PAL D/K

3. Multi-Audio Output Port

Technical Demand Parameter
Audio Output Range ≥-8dBu(1kHz+4dBu(-20dBFs)input)
Audio Distortion Amp-FreqCharacteristics ≤1
Audio Amp-FreqCharacteristics +1/-2(60Hz-18kHz);+1/-3(60Hz-20kHz)
Audio Signal-To-Noise Ratio (Right Weight) ≥70dB
 Crosstalk (Audio Channels) ≤-70dB
Phase Difference (Audio Channels) ≤5
Level Difference (Audio Channels) ≤0.5dB
Volume Control 32degree
Interface Module 2×RCA(L,R);

4. Smart Card Interface

Adapter the ISO7816 compliant smart card interface (T=0 and T=14) for CA conditional access control systems.

5. System Resources

Technical Demand Parameter
CPU High performance double MIPS CPU
DDRAM 1Gb SOC Embedded
Language Chinese , English

6. Decoding Support

Channel Coding RS Coding RS ( 204,188 )
 Convolutional Interleaving Depth I = 12
Convolution Interlacing Depth l cosine square root filter roll drop coefficient 0.15
Video Coding Compatibility DVB Standard,Support MPEG-2 MP@ML/HL
H.264 BP (with no ASO/FMO), MP& HP@ L3/L4.1
AVS Jizhun profile @ L6.0/ L4.0
AVS Broadcast profile @ L6.0/ L4.0
MPEG-4 SP Profile, Advanced Simple Profile
@ Level 5 without GMC/Data Partitioning/Reversible VLC
H.263 baseline profile
JPEG decoder engine
Audio Coding MPEG-1/2 Layer I/II/III
Dolby AC3/AC3+ (optional1)
DRA 2 CH/5.1 CH (optional1)  
Support mono, dual channel and stereo, mixing and so on
DEMUX >= 16 PID Filter
Decoder Support DVB General Unscrambling Algorithm.
Resolution /Display Ratio 1080P,1080I,4:3 ,16:9

7. Display Demand

Technical Demand Parameter
Range Of Video 1/4,1/2,1,2
Multilayer Graphic Plane 4 Level

8. Interface Port

Front Panel: LED Light POWER , LOCK , Digital Channel Display , CH+ , CH-
Real Panel: CA Card-Slot 1
Real Panel:RF Input 1F Connector
Real Panel: Video Ports 1  CVBS (Support NTSC,PAL,Or AUTO):RCA,75Ω
Real Panel: Audio Port 1 600Ω
Real Panel: DC Input 1 DC Port , 1 Power Switch
HDMI Port 1HDMI1.4 with HDCP 1.3
USB 1 Upgrade function, Movie Player .

Stability AndReliability

1. Passing Rate: 99%

2. Service life >= 80000 hours ,Mean time between failures MTBF at least 15000 hours.


Accessories of Product 

• Set-Top Boxx 1;

• HDMICable(1.5M)  x 1;

• Power Supply(12V/1A)x 1;

• Remotex 1;

• User Manualx 1

Power Supply Module Demand

Power  DC 5V or DC 12V
Consumption <6W
Plug BS


1. Screen: We can fit the ads in the whole screen.

After power on, when the STB is booting,first is the logo image, and then the ads image.

The display time of the advertising image is definable.

The screen ads will be compulsived viewing, this has a great commercial value.

detail (5)

Logo- 3sec

detail (1)

Screen Ads 1- 15sec or 20sec or…

detail (2)

Screen Ads 2- 15sec or 20sec or…

2. Menu: We can fit the ads in the menu.

When the menu is opened, the ads will be displayed, support single or multiple images.

detail (3)

Menu ADs

3. Banner: We can make the ads as a banner with a short text.

When we switch channels, the banner ads will be displayed on the right side of the EPG message bar and a short text will be displayed under the banner.

We can configure one banner ads in one channel or in multiple channels.

detail (4)

Banner Ads 1

detail (1)

Banner Ads 2

4. Corner:We can locate the ads in the corner.

When we watch the channel, the ads will be displayed in the designated position of the screen. Customizable: broadcast channel, image size, image location.

We can also configure one image in one channel or one image in multiple channels.

detail (3)

Corner Ads 1

detail (2)

Corner Ads 2

5. Text: We can make the ads into a text form.

The text ads can be customized: broadcast channel, broadcast duration, broadcast mode (scrolling, pop-up), broadcast location(top,bottom,middle), font(size,color,backcolor) etc.

detail (4)

Text Ads 1 Top Scrolling

detail (5)

Text Ads 2 Bottom Scrolling

detail (4)

Text Ads 3 Middle Scrolling


Text Ads 4 Pop-up


1.Catalog Parameters: Config as needed, usually only once.

detail (1)

2. Set Channels: The service id is the primary key.

The channels can be added by item or in batches.

detail (2)
detail (3)

3. Set Screen ADs


4. Set Menu ADs


5. Set Banner ADs


6. Set Corner ADs


7. Set Text ADs


8. Save ADs and get the TS file “Advertising.ts”.


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