Back row entertainment, car space in the world

1. Rear side window for entertainment

 If side window glass is an interactive display, can use as sketchboard not only, and download the software of all sorts of entertainment.

 For children, they can write, draw and study through the side Windows, and the mobile learning machine and encyclopedia can be used for learning and entertainment in the car space.

 To adult, the entertainment of side window glass is more, the system of a complete set of video sound, still have the function such as game, back row entertainment is the game hall that walks. At the same time, the side window glass is equipped with dual interaction of entertainment inside and outside the car. The interaction inside the car is used as a display, and the activity outside the car is used as a trap.

 Interactive side window display, through touch panel, video interception, transmission and other black technology, can enable passengers to interact with the scenery outside the window, freeze the fleeting beautiful scenery, understand the local conditions, record the journey bit by bit.

 2. Skylight glass display

 Sunroof advantages, can be equipped with a large screen display, with audio-visual projection function of the skylight display, can let passengers lie in the back to watch movies.

 Situational sunroof enables images to be placed on the sunroof of the car, which makes the car more technological and brings an immersive visual experience. With the development of driverless driving, future users will have a richer experience in the car.

 The immersive sunroof displays entertainment, as well as the ability to view schedules, calendar appointments, vehicle location displays, and even select appropriate music based on the passenger’s emotional state.

 The emergence of skylight display is to make the rear cabin into a small cinema, enriching the leisure experience of the passengers and drivers from music and pictures. In the future, it will be possible to implement private customization, according to their own preferences to set audio and video, to meet the needs of users.

VR is not only a precise substitute for real-world activity, but also provides the tools to create infinite possibilities.

As the VR industry continues to grow and mature, it will gradually return from concept to instrumentalization. This is the process that changes from novel to practical evolution, people’s false demand disappears gradually, true demand surfaces gradually.

 Imagine sitting in the back seat with VR goggles on your head. You can quickly lose yourself in another world, forget that you are in the car, and see the world in front of you. You can also play VR games combined with the movement of cars and immerse yourself in them.

 Shakespeare’s line in A Midsummer Night’s Dream: “Things imagined are often ethereal, but under the pen of a poet, they can be tangible, inherent substance.” Similarly, while automotive VR is still a long way off, it’s worth thinking about, because automakers are doing their best to build it for us.

 4. Hologram

 Holographic projection is an amazing piece of technology that visualizes virtual objects, which can be distracting for the driver but entertaining for the rear seat passenger.

 For example, in combination with the voice system, the holographic butler can be summoned, such as the nearby snack bar, weather forecast, music, and the butler can also be asked to perform a show, and so on. Naked eye real interaction, the car adds a small playmate.

 The holographic robot can chat and interact with passengers, adding to the boredom. Holographic projection is really about displaying information in front of your eyes. When you see a “screen” in front of your eyes, you can play and work. The holographic projection technology will be combined with voice control technology, allowing the interaction to take place in a single sentence.

 5. Swivel touchscreen table

 With the popularization of autonomous driving technology in the future, passengers will free their hands and have more time and space to use. For example, the cockpit will be home, office and other scenarios. Therefore, when the space is scenario-based, design elements such as tables and shelves will be embedded in it.

 This is a concept car designed by one brand, where the first row of seats can rotate 180 degrees during autonomous driving, facing the passengers in the back. Easily unfurl a light folding table in the rear space. The folding table’s large touch screen can be used both as a gaming platform and as a driving monitor.

 Both can entertain, but also add practical attributes.

 6. Smart Seats

Whatever the rear entertainment may be, the seats are designed to suit the passenger’s needs.

A comfortable cabin is needed for eating, playing games, sleeping and rest. The entertainment of the seat is the combination of some technology, such as VR, can be combined with the full body 3D experience of games, such as space flight. Combined with human testing technology, physical examination can be done in the car. Combined with massage chair technology, let the whole body in a relaxed state.

You can even lie down and do an exclusive SPA service, combined with more recreational functions, passengers get comfortable and relaxed. At the same time, the seat can provide personalized massage service according to the passenger’s physical condition, and can also recommend different music and introduce food strategies according to the user’s clothes.

Post time: Aug-24-2021