Car monitor pay attention to the maintenance of the body

1. Pay attention to the maintenance of environmental factors. The use of advertising machine environment will directly affect the use of advertising machine effect and life, if the light is too bright, or even direct light, on the one hand affect the visual communication of advertising machine, on the other hand direct light will damage the screen electronic components. In addition, the air humidity in the environment where the advertising machine is located should be suitable. Too much humidity in the electronic equipment will only affect the circuit situation and cause problems.

2. Pay attention to the maintenance of the body. The use of advertising machine body itself is a time limit, the switch of the body will cause damage to the advertising machine, frequent switch will only form the damage of screen electronic components, natural will affect the use of advertising machine, affect its life.
3. Pay attention to the maintenance of skills. Electronic equipment will often appear static electricity phenomenon, advertising machine is no exception. Static electricity can cause dust from the air to stick to the advertising machine, so tidy it properly. When finishing, wet cloth can not be used. The wet material is not only not safe but also likely to form a wet circuit, so the maintenance of advertising machine should pay attention to skills.

4. Pay attention to clean maintenance. Adhere to the habit of regularly cleaning the advertising machine, you can use a wet cloth to clean the LCD screen, pay attention to try not to choose a wet cloth with too much moisture, to avoid water into the screen and lead to LCD internal short circuit and other faults. It is recommended to use glasses cloth, lens paper and other soft scrubbing materials to scrub the LCD screen. Avoid unnecessary scratches on the advertising machine screen.

Post time: Jul-03-2021