How does the car display heat down?

1, fan heat dissipation, lamp shell with longevity fan to strengthen heat dissipation

2, the use of aluminum fins, which is a common way of heat dissipation, with aluminum fins as part of the shell to increase the heat dissipation area.

3. Air hydrodynamics, using the shape of the lamp shell, produces convective air, which is a low-cost method to strengthen heat dissipation.

4. The screen body is ventilated, and the space behind the screen body is considered when installing the screen body to create convective air flow.

5, the surface radiation heat treatment, the lamp shell surface to do radiation heat treatment, relatively simple is to apply radiation heat paint, can take the heat from the surface of the lamp shell in a radiation way.

6, the use of heat integration of thermal conductivity, high thermal conductivity of ceramic, lamp shell cooling purpose is to reduce the working temperature of display chip, due to the LED chip we often metal thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient and material expansion coefficient difference is very big, the LED chip can not be directly welding, to avoid the high and low temperature thermal stress damage LED display chip.

7, heat conduction tube heat dissipation, using heat conduction tube technology, the heat from the display chip to the shell heat dissipation fin.

8, the heat conduction plastic shell, the plastic shell in the injection molding filled the heat conduction material, so as to increase the heat conduction and heat dissipation capacity of the plastic shell.

9, when the screen body display appears flash screen, jump screen, part of the screen body is not bright, the screen body is dim and other problems, should contact the technical personnel to check in time, to avoid the circuit short circuit, power failure caused by the display screen fire

Post time: May-24-2021