Several points should be paid attention to when using the vehicle display

1, the contact screen part is glass products, glass edges and corners are relatively sharp, the installation needs to take gloves/finger gloves operation

2. The part of the contact screen is fragile glass. Do not exert strong impact on the contact screen when installing.

3, the contact screen film surface is the contact surface, that is to say, the front; The glass surface is the non-contact surface, namely the back of the product

4. Prevent directly taking the lead to pick up the contact screen, and prevent pulling action on the lead part.

5. The part of the lead wire strengthening plate can not be bent.

6, any part of the lead wire is not allowed to have half of the phenomenon. When the lead wire is installed, it must be pierced horizontally, not in half of the root of the reinforcing plate.

7, take and put the product need a single piece of operation, handle with care, to prevent the product knock against each other and scratch the product appearance.

8. When cleaning the appearance of the product, please wipe it with a soft cloth (deerskin) dipped in petroleum ether.

9. Do not stack the contact screen.

10, pay attention to: do not use corrosive organic solvent to wipe the surface of the contact screen film.

Car – mounted two – way dead – end display

Visual field Angle, also known as visual field blind area, is in the range of vision, because of the object of the obstacles and can not see the place. Special attention should be paid to the following situations:

1. Vehicles parked at the side of the road will create blind spots for drivers of nearby vehicles approaching it and pedestrians crossing the road.

2. Hills, buildings or dense woods on both sides of intersections and on the inside of sharp turns also form blind spots for motorists and pedestrians.

3. Passengers alighting on the left side of the bus have a dead end view of the road on both sides of the door.

4. For the passing vehicle, a slow car in front of it creates a blind spot for the passing driver.

5. Driving at night, the other side does not have a high beam, in the case of dazzling lights, will cause a large blind area.

Post time: May-24-2021